Andy Newlove


  • O: 419-352-5161
  • M: 419-308-7712
A lifelong resident of Bowling Green, and a graduate of Ohio University in Athens, OH. He and his wife Megan, a...

Dick Newlove


Dick is a lifelong resident of Bowling Green and a graduate of Bowling Green State University.  He and his...

                Keri Buff


  • O: 419-352-5161
  • M: 419-806-9638
Keri and her husband Tony moved to Bowling Green to start a family near Keri's parents, Scott and Karen Seeliger and...

               Bill Cameron


  • O: 419-352-5161
  • M: 419-377-4945
Bill has lived in the North Baltimore area his entire life. His wife of over 35 years, Trisha Perry Cameron have a...

               Jill Carroll


Jill Carroll is a third-generation Realtor, following in her grandfather and mother’s footsteps.

           Julie Iler


  • O: 419-352-5161 Ext 115
  • M: 419-308-2672
A Full-Time Realtor with Experience Stemming over 30 Years - Licensed in January 1980.Life Time Resident of Wood...

        Phil Laabs


  • O: 419-352-5161 Ext 126
  • M: 419-261-1249
Phil is a long-time resident of Bowling Green.  Phil received both his Bachelor of Science and Master of Education...

       Kathy Newlove


  • O: 419-352-5161 Ext 108
  • M: 419-308-3422
Kathy's Motto: "Treat every customer as if your world revolves around them...IT DOES! Kathy is a lifelong...

      Marie Pendleton


  • O: 419-352-5161 Ext 128
  • M: 419-575-2268
Marie is in her 14th year selling real estate. She is married to lifelong resident Mark and has lived and worked in...

     Karen Seeliger


  • O: 419-352-5161
  • M: 419-308-8018
Bowling Green has been Karen's home for 30 years. She has extensive work experience in the financial industry where she...

  Andrea D. Wojciechowski

Realtor/Rental Agent

  • O: 419-352-5162
  • M: 419-494-6489
Andrea has been a lifelong resident of Bowling Green and brings an Interior Design degree to our realty group in...

 Michelle Wulff


  • O: 419-352-5161
  • M: 419-575-2683
Michelle Wulff has been a resident of Bowling Green since she was a child.  She brings an education degree to...

Sarah Zmarzly


  • O: 419-352-5161
  • M: 419-308-3068
Sarah Newlove Zmarzly is a lifelong resident of Bowling Green and a graduate of Ohio University. She and her...

Sue Gray


  • O: 419-352-5161 Ext 140
  • M: 419-351-3496
Sue is a committed full-time realtor with a wealth of experience in the first-time home buyer, relocation and home...